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S1-V Riding Vest

Riding Vest

$225.00 | Available in 5 colors

The S1-V Riding Vest is the only vest we make. That's it. Just one. We made it right the first time around and haven't needed another one since. We use the same award-winning fabric as we do in our S1-J riding jacket.  Our C-Change fabric is windproof, waterproof, shockingly breathable, and lined with an active climate membrane that opens when it gets hot to ventilate, and constricts when it gets cold to keep heat in. It also happens to be one of the most durable, rugged, all-weather fabrics on the market today. With simple care, it might outlast your entire cycling career. These are built to last forever, function properly, and be the essential layering piece in any cyclist's closet. This is not a seasonal throw-away vest. This is an investment in a well-built garment designed to keep you moving forward year after year. A refined fit, protection from the elements in all 4 seasons, total packability, and the best waterproof zippers in the world make the S1-V pretty much the best there is.

Durability: Ultra High

Fabric: Synthetic Blend with Active Cimate Membrane

Care: Easy

Fit: True to Size / Athletic

Best For: All Season Layering

All Weather Performance

Made from C-Change fabric which features an active climate membrane which is waterproof, breathable, and reacts to changing temperatures...opening to vent when it heats up, and closing down when cooled to keep heat it. It's science. And it works.

Made in New York City

Just like everything else we make all S1-V vests are made meticulosly with pride in the heart of The New York Garment district.

Ultra-light Durability

Totally packability to fit inside a jersey pocket or be stuffed down into its own rear pocket to a small ball for packing and touring.

Tough & Luxe

The S1-V is built to last forever and features the best zippers in the world. We use a 2-Way zipper in the front and and a reverseable zipper pull for easy packing on the rear pocket. Zipper teeth and tape are both totally waterproof. They don't come any better. That's why we use them. Period.

Our Promise

Easy Fit, Easy Returns

It's all about comfort and style. If you're not satisfied we offer a 30-day,
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