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S1-V Riding Vest

Riding Vest

$215.00 | Available in 1 color

It’s hard to talk about this vest without talking about everyone else’s first. We’ll spare you the lecture, but for a lot of brands designing a vest is an afterthought. We believe a vest can be the single most important garment in a cyclist’s closet. Because of this we developed a vest-specific silhouette and use the same award-winning fabric as the S1-J.  Our Schoeller C-Change fabric is windproof, waterproof, shockingly breathable, and lined with an active climate membrane that opens when it's gets hot to ventilate, and constricts when it gets cold to keep heat in. It also happens to be one of the most durable, rugged, all-weather fabrics on the market today and with simple care will sparkle year after year without fail. A refined fit, total protection from the elements in all 4 seasons, and the best waterproof zippers and components available in the world today make the S1-V Riding Vest one of the best there is. Long story short, this is a stand-alone piece that we have no problem resting our reputation on: there’s nothing out there quite like the S1-V.

All Weather Performance

Made with Schoeller C-Change Fabric, which features a bionic climate membrane. The fabric is highly waterproof and breathable by reacting to changing temperatures and activities. When exposed to heat and moisture the membrane opens for extreme breathability. Conversely, when exposed to cold the membrane constricts for maximum wind protection and insulation.

Made in New York City

American manufacturing is alive and well in New York City – and it has been for about two hundred years. That heritage and expertise is part of everything we make.

Ultra-light Durability

The S1-V features the most advanced, lightweight, waterproof zipper, manufactured by Riri. It is an injection-molded polymer and designed for advanced military applications.

Tough & Luxe

The S1-V is built with a minimalist approach to design, exceptional fit, and advanced components to withstand abuse without feeling like it.

Our Promise

Easy Fit, Easy Returns

It's all about comfort and style. If you're not satisfied we offer a 30-day,
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