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S1-J Riding Jacket

Riding Jacket

$285.00 | Available in 5 colors

The S1-J is the garment which single-handedly put this brand on the map and has kept it there ever since.  The S1-J has a sleek minimalist appeal on the outside, but don't be fooled into thinking any aspect of this garment is simple. In fact it's one of our most technical when you factor in all that it is: windproof, waterproof, shockingly breathable, and lined with an active climate membrane which opens when it gets hot to ventilate and constricts when it gets cold to keep heat in. We call it smart fabric. It was the first fabric we had ever discovered in the high-end technical market which actually did what it said and delivered on all of its promises.  We pay an arm and leg to make it, but it is worth every penny and more for this kind of performance.  The S1-J offers legitimate protection in all seasons, looks stellar on or off the bike, and with simple care can easily last 10+ years. It has even been ridden in multiple stages the Giro d'italia. We have no problem saying The S1-J is one of the most sublime, durable, all-weather jacket on the market today. A tailored fit, total protection from the elements in all seasons, and the best waterproof zippers and components available in the world today make the S1-J Riding Jacket the pride of our collection and a game-changing garment for cyclists around the world. 

Durability: Ultra High

Fabric: Synthetic Blend with an Active Climate Membrane for all season performance.

Care: Easy

Fit: Athletic / True to Size 

Best For: All riding in all seasons.  

Temperature Range: 30'F-65'F

All Weather Performance

The S1-J is constructed entirely of C-Change fabric, which features a bionic climate membrane. The fabric is highly waterproof and breathable and reacts organically to changing temperatures and activities. When exposed to heat and moisture the membrane opens for extreme breathability. Conversely, when exposed to cold the membrane constricts for maximum wind protection and insulation.

Lightweight Durability

We use Riri waterproof zippers on all our outerwear and the S1-J features a military-grade injection-molded Aquazip. It is the lightest and most durable, waterproof zipper available today.

Sophisticated Fit

Cut close to the body the S1-J is comfortable on training rides, sleek enough for race day, and versatile enough to wear off the bike. It will be harder to look sharper when the S1-J is on your back.

Tough & Luxe

We still ride in the original S1-J prototype we made in 2012. It looks good as new and performs just as well as did back then. This is a true workhorse disguised in one of the most beautiful bodies you will ever see. The S1-J has no rivals and is still the best jacket on the market today.

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