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S1-A Riding Jersey Pretty Lights

Riding Jersey Pretty Lights

$165.00 | Available in 1 color

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Inspiration for Pretty Lights

"I came up with the idea to do this print when I was in Japan last time. I was hiking in Nikko alone in the Fall and got lost but kept ending up finding these beautiful clusters of foliage that sparkled when the light hit them. I kept thinking it looked like little sparkling lights all over. This print reflects that feeling for me of seeing all these sparkling little leaves in the woods on Japan. It's an ultra-clean print but it has an impact on the eye when you catch it the right way."

- Daniel Golden

S1-A Riding Jersey

Distinguished design, luxurious fabric, and rugged components are the hallmarks of our highly evolved take on the classic, three-pocket, cycling jersey. The S1-A sets the bar high and has established a new standard of what the riding jersey should be. You’re going to look, and feel, good in this jersey.


Cut like a tailored garment without being too tight or too loose - it’s just right. You’ll be happy riding, racing, or maybe even sleeping in the S1-A, it’s that comfortable.


The Pretty Lights Print is a limited run for spring 2017. When it's gone, it's gone.


There’s one moving part on a cycling jersey, the zipper. Ours is made by Riri, the brand known to discerning manufacturers everywhere as reliable, durable and the best money can buy.


Durability, luxurious hand-feel, rich color, and an impeccable fit are tough to relay over a mobile device. If you like the S1-A now, wait till you put it on.

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