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Free Solo


$165.00 | Available in 3 colors

    Our Free Solo shorts take technical crossover garments to the next level. Fabric is everything in this game and we use the best. Not some of the best. THE BEST. We are not kidding. This stuff is incredible. 4-Way stretch for comfort when you are on the move. Abrasion resistance for durability and true on the bike reliability. Water and stain resistance to help fight the elements. And beautifully textured yarns that hold their color and shape no matter what you do to them. The features go on and on. These truly are the ultimate technical crossover shorts. The Free Solos are built for riding.  Built for living.  And built to last. We understand they are not cheap. But they are not cheaply made. And they will outlast and outperform anything in their class by a longshot.  From a sustainability standpoint, they will definitely not be seeing the landfill any time soon. These are as good as they get.  We stand behind them 100%.

Durability: Ultra High

Fabric: Midweight Synthetic Blend 

Care: Easy

Fit: True to Size / Athletic / 9" inseam on a 32. 

Best For: All terrain riding, Gravel Grinding, Everyday living, and looking like you know what's up when it comes to buying shorts.





Abrasion proof full synthetic fabric means you can ride all day and not worry about taking on damage. 4-Way stretch and water and stain resistance puts the free solos heads and shoulders above the competition.


We went all out on these and added a perforated performance mesh for the pocket bags. This is the most sublime pocketing you will see in a short. Reinforced stitching throughout and our signature gold zipper optimizes both performance and aesthetics.

Tough & Luxe

The performance attributes of the Free Solos are second to none with unparalleled durability and style.

Made in New York

All are made in small runs sustainably, ethically, and meticulously in New York City.

Our Promise

Easy Fit, Easy Returns

It's all about comfort and style. If you're not satisfied we offer a 30-day,
no-questions-asked return policy. Learn More


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