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Field Shorts


$155.00 | Available in 3 colors

Our Field Shorts have won numerous awards and it's not a coincidence.  We built them with sustainability, functionality and multi-use in mind. We continue to test them and make them better every season.  We believe in making great products which are built to last and our Field Shorts will do just that. They are rugged and durable for challenging conditions but maintain a luxury feel and classic style that makes them just as comfortable to wear no matter what the situation might be. We believe firmly this is the perfect short for active life.

All Field Shorts are cut from a waxed cotton from the premier supplier in the world and feature a washable Stay Wax which is stain and water resistant.  For 2021 we've also added a locking metal button to keep you and your cargo secure at all times.  All printed pocketing in our solid color shorts is locally sourced in New York City as part of our Sustainable New York initiative. Each short has its own distinct pattern inside matching back to the body making them all true originals.  Field shorts only get better with wear and take durability and comfort to a new level. All are Made in New York City. 

Fit and Care: Waist is true to size from 28-36" with a 9 inch inseam. These shorts will break in with wear much like good denim will. Washing will soften the finish and begin the break-in process, but we prefer to let them do that naturally.  

Durability: High

Fabric: Waxed Cotton

Care: Easy - Hand Washing and air-drying is always recommended but not necessary. 

Fit: True to Size

Locking snaps: Please remember to slide (not pull!!) on metal fasteners to open.

Best For: Everyday living.  On or off bike capabilities.  However, we do recommend our abrasion resistant Free Solo short if riding endless miles in them, or you have an abrasive saddle on your bike. Some saddle wear may show on the Field Short over time. 


Stain and water resistant. Ultra durable and meant to be worn on or off the bike as part of everyday life.

Sustainable Fashion

All shorts come with locally sourced printed pocketing and binding as part of our Sustainable New York initiative.


Our locking metal snap system is an object of beauty. They will keep you secure at all times. Just remember to slide and not pull and they will last a lifetime.

Made in New York

All are made in small runs in New York City, sustainably, ethically, and meticulously. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Our Promise

Easy Fit, Easy Returns

It's all about comfort and style. If you're not satisfied we offer a 30-day,
no-questions-asked return policy. Learn More


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