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  • 3/4 Bib Knickers with Pad
3/4 Bib Knickers with Pad

Bib Knickers with Pad

Sale $170.00 | Available in 2 colors

This is where luxury and performance truly meet. Our 3/4 length padded Bib Knickers are one of the most in-demand garments we make. They are an essential piece needed to stay warm and protected, and extend the prime cycling seasons. Bib Knickers are designed to keep the knee joints and leg muscles warm and loose when it gets cool. We believe in knickers so much we don't even make leg or knee warmers anymore.  Why would we when knickers are far superior on every level?  They function and perform better, look better, and feel better.  And of course by having straps they never fall down and stay snug to the body so they can regulate body temperature as they should.  With our minimalist and nearly seamless body construction they could not be a more sleek, ultra comfortable, ultra necessary garment. We ride in them through the fall, winter, and spring and just about any time the temps drop off of summer highs. Our knicker body fabric is a durable and compressive brushed-back, power-stretch knit fleece which keeps you warm and able to ride when the elements call for a little more than a standard pair of bibs. We use the same endurance/performance pad in these knickers as we do in our premium bib shorts and invite you to ride for hours without having to worry about being comfortable in the saddle.  Of course All are Made with pride in the heart of New York City.

Durability:  High

Fabric: Brushed Back Power Stretch Knit. 

Care: Easy

Fit: True to Size / Athletic

Best For: All Riding

Temperature Range: 32'F-65'F 


Made in New York City

Made with pride in New York City's original Garment District


Silicone leg grippers, an ultra comfortable endurance chamois, mesh upper straps, super-luxe, durable body fabric for warmth and comfort

Luxury and Performance

The perfect intersection of performance and luxury meet here. Knickers are designed to keep your knee joints and leg muscles warm and protected at all times when temps drop and the body gets stiff.

Quality and Comfort

Crafted to feel good, look good, and keep you riding all day

Our Promise

Easy Fit, Easy Returns

It's all about comfort and style. If you're not satisfied we offer a 30-day,
no-questions-asked return policy. Learn More


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